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Terms and Conditions:

Once we have agreed that Meticulous will build your website for you, here are the conditions under which we operate. These Terms and Conditions are legally binding once you have paid the initial fees (see Condition 1).

  1. In order to build your site, we will require the first-page-build fee (usually £100) before starting work. Should you decide to choose your own domain name and/or any hosting packages, we will also require these fees in advance. For more details on prices, see our pricing details. Paying these fees constitutes a legal-binding contract of work, to which these Terms and Conditions apply.

  2. Every page on your website will have an unobtrusive copyright line stating: "Website designed by Mat Heighway of Meticulous Web Solutions (part of The Meticulous Organisation) © 200*. Contact the Webmaster". This will usually be at the bottom of the page in very small writing, so as not to spoil the look of your site. This line will be generated by a sitewite JavaScript function, for which you will not be charged. The version at the bottom of this page (and every other page on this website) is an unusually-large example of this (albeit with slightly different wording).

  3. The design and layout of yor site is and remains copyright of Meticulous Web Solutions (hence Condition 2). This does not affect your rights, and the content is still yours.

  4. All images, logos and quotations which are not original should have their copyright owners properly acknowledged. After all, you don't want to get into trouble...

  5. By employing Meticulous Web Solutions, you undertake not to make any alterations or additions to your website without our prior approval. If you wish to make changes yourself, please check with us first. This is for two reasons: a) the site is listed as designed by us (and we hold the copyrights to its design), so our reputation is at stake; and b) unless you know what you're doing, it's very easy to mess up a website! For more information on this subject, please see our FAQ entitled Can I update my own website?.

  6. Once your site is completed, the full agreed fees (minus the initial fee payment, which you will have already made) will become due. You will subsequently be liable only for third-party fees and/or major update fees. For more details on fees, see our pricing details.

  7. Third-party companies' fees (such as domain name registration and hosting) are due either anually or every two years (as applicable) and are exempt from any discounts which Meticulous may offer. Failure to pay these fees may result in loss of services.

  8. Meticulous Web Solutions cannot be held responsible for any loss as a result of the actions or inaction of third parties (such as domain name registration or hosting companies).

  9. We reserve the right to alter our prices and/or these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes will be immediately posted on this website. Any changes will not affect any contracts which may be in progress at the time.

If you have any questions, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions, peruse our guide to what we need from you to build your website, and/or contact us to find out more.


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