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How does the process work?

Every person's website is different. It should reflect their personality, it should meet their needs, and it should be well-designed. Meticulous Web Solutions has the skill and experience to help you achieve this. But it's still your website; you're in charge of how it should look, what it should do, and what it should (and shouldn't) contain. We're here to guide you, and to do the actual work of turning your ideas into reality.

Once your site's up-and-running, we can also take care of any periodic changes, improvements or additions you may want to make, to keep your site fresh, interesting, and accurate.

OK, what will you actually do to provide me with a website?

You've probably already looked at our prices, either in detail or in summary. If not, do take a look, as that will give you some idea of what goes into making a website. Here's a rundown of the actual services we provide:

  • Initial consultation and rough quote
  • Final design and full quote (after content submission)
  • Arrangement of domain name registration and hosting package
  • Close consultation regarding layout and functionality of your site
  • Website design and final approval stage
  • Website completion and testing, including:
    • CSS layout
    • Custom scripts
    • Graphics and photos
    • Extras like Photo Galleries, Hit Counter, Guest Book and other Features
    • JavaScript functions
    • Content editing
    • Compatibility testing
  • Link testing
  • E-mail setup
  • Search Engine submissions
  • Ongoing maintenance, updating and upgrading as you require

What next?

You've probably still got lots of questions, so have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to see if some of the answers are there. You might also want to check out the 'what we need from you' page, as there will inevitably need to be input from you if you do decide to ask us to build your website.

If you have any more questions, or if you're ready to talk to us and see what we can actually do for you, it's time to contact us to find out more!


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