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The Meticulous Organisation

Our Portfolio:

As Meticulous Web Solutions is fairly young, our portfolio isn't huge in terms of numbers of clients - yet. But already we have a lot of experience in web design, and we invite you to look at our sites to get an idea... More sites will be added here soon, so do check back regularly to see what else we've been up to - you might find yourself inspired...

The Meticulous Organisation


As the home of Mat Heighway and The Meticulous Organisation, www.meticulous.org.uk is the benchmark for much of our work. Obviously, the 'look' won't necessarily suit your site, but the techniques used to create this site can be adapted to suit your needs. Don't forget to check out the Wedding Mini-Site to see how changing only certain aspects of the CSS gives the site a completely different feel.



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The first thing you'll notice when you look at this site is the fact that it's very similar in appearance to this one. That's because www.mojobones.co.uk serves as the test-bed for this site. In fact, in many ways, the Mojo Bones website is more up-to-date than this one! It's also simpler in structure, and uses more of the features that we advertise in the pricing details. Do check out the features on the Mojo Bones site, particularly the Photo Galleries, the Downloads page, the News page and Newsletter Signup page, and the 'The Band' area. These ideas are easily adaptable and will have a use in the website design of many prospective Meticulous Web Solutions clients.

Other clients:

Gary Marshall's 'Fun When You Drum!'


Although Meticulous didn't design this website, we're now responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of its maintenance, updating and upgrading. Recent work includes a major rebuild and move to new hosting, improving functionality and coding, adding several new areas (including creating and inserting new link button images to match the existing ones) and streamlining the behind-the-scenes structure to simplify the addition of new material. We've also added new scripts and forms to bring the site more directly under the owner's control. The changes we've made are numerous, but hopefully you won't spot them, as the aim was to maintain the appearance of the original design while upgrading it at the same time.

"Thanks for all your efforts... I am really happy and very much appreciate the time, trouble and effort that you have taken getting things right for me. I will highly recommend you to anyone I meet wanting web design or help." Gary Marshall

If you have any questions, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions, peruse our guide to what we need from you to build your website, and/or contact us to find out more.


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