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Welcome to the homepage of Meticulous Web Solutions.

We specialise in building and maintaining custom websites for musicians, actors and other performers. We’ll work closely with you to achieve exactly what you want, helping you to make your mark on the internet. We’ll even help you to promote your site!

Whatever your needs, talk to Meticulous!

We offer fully custom-designed websites, from simple pages to complex, multi-section sites with JavaScript, forms, and complex CSS. After an initial consultation, we'll produce a full broken-down quotation for you, and once we've settled the details of what you want, we'll stick to our quote. We can arrange the registering of your own domain name and a range of hosting packages. We'll also check with you to get the design and layout just as you want them before proceeding to complete the site, saving time and money. Our sites are designed to be search-engine friendly, and we can submit your site to over 20 of the top search engines. We'll also perform updates for you so that your site is always fresh and up-to-date.

We do discounts too!

We offer the following discounts:

  • Student Discount
  • Under-25s Discount
  • Musicians' Union Discount
  • Making Music member Discount

See what you think!

Please use the menu on the left to peruse the Meticulous Web Solutions site. We hope there's enough information there to answer all your questions. If you get stuck or it all seems too complicated, try clarifying things by looking at why you need a website. Then check out the services we offer, to see how easy it all is. Armed with that, you can start to decide what you want, and then it's relatively easy to work out roughly how much it'll cost, either by looking at the examples on our pricing summary page, or by going into detail on the pricing details page.


"Thanks for all your efforts... I am really happy and very much appreciate the time, trouble and effort that you have taken getting things right for me. I will highly recommend you to anyone I meet wanting web design or help." Gary Marshall

If it's still all too much, or your prefer the help of a real, live human being, please get in touch and we'll be delighted to help!


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