Deciding what you want
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Deciding what you want:

The process of creating a website starts with deciding what you want. It can be a little daunting if you haven't done it before, but the ideas are actually very simple. Try following the steps below, and keep notes of everything you find - both things you like and things you don't.

  1. Browse the web - get a feel for what's possible. Check out some small sites first; simple ones. Here are a few decent examples: Stones Bar, Mojo Bones and Crystal Palace String Quartet.

  2. Write a list of the main pages you want - start with the basics. Every website has some sort of homepage, then you'll probably want a Contacts page, maybe a page or two about yourself (perhaps for your CV?), perhaps a page for your favourite links and so on... Just stick with the basic list to begin with.

  3. Put your list in order - once you've got your list settled, put it in order and start thinking about what information to include on each of your pages. If in doubt, keep it simple. A few photos, short paragraphs, whatever's suitable.

  4. Think about the 'look' - browsing various websites should give you plenty of ideas about how you want your website to look. Try to keep your ideas simple - a cluttered page is unsightly and makes it difficult to find the important information. If you want to include background images or themes, keep them understated.

  5. Think about the 'feel' - do you want your site to look modern? Old-fashioned? Professional? Casual? Sleek? Brightly coloured? The possibilities are limitless. Go for something that you feel comfortable with.

  6. Match your design to your needs - if you want a simple site to complement a set of brochures, or you have some really snazzy business cards that you want to copy the design of, take that into account.

  7. Review your plan - look back over the notes and lists you've made about the content, structure and look of your site. Try to imagine that you're a visitor to your as-yet-unborn website, and see if you can think about what you'd want to see there.

  8. Compile your content - if you want to put your CV on your website, WRITE YOUR CV! Likewise decide what pictures and other images you want to include (and where), and any other materials, such as .mp3s or samples of your work. Collect everything into a folder, and create anything that's missing.

  9. Bring it to Meticulous! - now you're in a position to get the ball rolling. We'll advise you and suggest improvements or ideas you might not have thought of. But it's still your site, your idea, your dream. We won't take over.

If you have any questions, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions, peruse our guide to what we need from you to build your website, and/or contact us to find out more.


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