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Coding Test and Example Pages:

This is Meticulous Web Solutions' online repository for a random assortment of test and example articles of various HTML, CSS and JavaScript solutions. They are presented in the order in which they were written. More articles will be added here from time to time, and you are welcome to browse them.

Please note that each article was written as a development testbed for techniques to solve a particular problem. There may be many other ways to solve the problem presented, and usually the article goes only so far, because that particular solution has solved the problem at hand. In other words, these solutions aren't exhaustive, and they aren't perfect - they may not necessarily solve your problem. But if they help, or suggest another way of going about finding a solution, then that's a good thing.

Most of these articles were written as the problem was being tested. Therefore you'll find that they're not necessarily laid out very well, they jump from topic to topic, and they leave some stones unturned. Just take them at face value.

If you find a mistake or can't find the solution you're looking for, please use the contact form to get in touch and we'll try and help. However, we're not a forum and you might be better off looking elswhere!


  • FRACTIONS - Looking at ways of displaying custom fractions which appear like HTML 4.0 entities but can display any combination of numerator and denominator.

  • HIDDEN E-MAIL - Looking at ways of substituting the "mailto:" anchor using JavaScript to protect your e-mail address from unsolicited mail (spam).

Please check back here from time to time, as more articles are added sporadically...


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